What We Do

Through active listening and clear understanding, every process we design together, will inspire you and your business to be at its best.

Industries We Serve

Specialist industries require personalised technical solutions provided by active listeners and creative problem solvers. Through understanding and resolving ongoing business challenges, we bring a wealth of knowledge to fuel the design of your platform.

Niche Insurance

The pet, gadget and health insurance sectors are core to the personal processes we design. Through experience we understand the importance of delivering specific solutions for each individual client. The customer centric process allows you and your teams to effectively manage your customers along their journey.

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General Insurance

Whether you are handling general household or high value motor insurance, our platform will manage the customers' journey from quote and buy to loss adjustment.

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Consumer Finance

Within this sector we deliver commercial companies with white label claims handling and personal finance solutions.

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Customer Engagement

Any customer facing business where an ongoing dialogue is required, we will help you achieve your business objectives using smart technology solutions.

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Who we help

Whether your team is client facing or back office, based in one location or many, what they do will all have one thing in common. They all need to enhance the customer journey.

Customer Care

By actively managing the journey we enable your customer facing teams to exceed expectations. Through automation, critical business functions are tracked and escalated. ‘Management by exception’ gives you and your associates the business insights they need to drive increased efficiencies, retain regulatory compliance and increase NPS. 

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Sales and Marketing

By understanding trends and interrogating the data you hold, you will be in a stronger position to make more informed business decisions. Our reports will  help you to understand your customer, their needs and motivations. Through  data mining  you will be able to identify barriers to purchase and  size potential opportunities. 

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Information Technology

We understand all businesses in whatever market sector have legacy applications, data sources and contractual obligations.  By proactively managing the implementation project we enable your teams to support existing solutions whilst seamlessly integrating your new Aquarium platform into the business. 

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Our solution allows you access to the type of reporting that can inspire and excite your business to be at its best.  By bringing together data sources we facilitate the analysis of business critical information allowing you to make creative, considered and effective decisions. 

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"Aquarium’s development team went from initial meeting to initial affinity roll out implementation in less than six months. Quite remarkable in my experience."

Geoff Hardes, Operations Director

Capita Insurance Service


"Aquarium delivered what they said, when they said and within budget. We were impressed by their commercial approach as they were willing to share the financial risk with us.."

Randy Valpy, CEO and Top Dog

Pets Plus Us


How We Think

We think like you. We understand your challenges, we listen and deliver personalised processes designed to meet and exceed your business needs.

Why Us

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We are one of the world’s leading innovators in software solutions. Everything we do is infinitely adaptable. We always do what works best for you and your customers.

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Press Releases

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Who We Are

Why we’re always more than one step ahead...

At Aquarium, we believe in leading the way in everything we do. We were the first developers in the UK to truly create a cloud-based software service that is easy to manage, low cost and infinitely adaptable. And that’s just been the start.

All of our software solutions are designed to evolve with your business. So if you ever want to make a change, big or small, we’re always ready. That’s why we are now one of the world’s leading innovators in the insurance software industry. Talk to our team today and see how we can help your business lead the way too.

We can help you do more than you ever imagined possible.

Our Aquarium team can customise every process to exactly how you want it to operate. All of our innovative solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, making life simpler for you and your customers.

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Custom Solutions For Your Business

We’ve seen first-hand how our clients can radically improve customer engagement, increase efficiencies and significantly reduce costs. By working together, we can help you become the exact business you want to be.

Executive Team