Brunel Franklin

Brunel Franklin grows revenues 1600% in two years

Brunel Franklin is one of the country’s leading claims handling companies and has helped consumers win over £200 million in refunds for mis-sold financial products.

Set up in 2003, Brunel Franklin has been one of the UK’s fastest growing companies with a multi-million pound turnover.

The Challenge

In the early days, Brunel Franklin handled just a few hundred leads per month. The team recognised the potential to do far more but identified two challenges. First, if they were serious about maintaining growth, they would need to significantly increase lead generation. Second, they would need new software to handle the forecast increase in case volumes. Enter Aquarium.

The Solution

When Brunel Franklin’s leads increased; Aquarium implemented multiple workflows to support their different product lines. It provided automated document and email creation, links to third party mailing houses, document management, automated claim tracking and alerts, as well as management reports on all aspects of business performance.

Aquarium allowed Brunel Franklin to define and fine-tune their business processes easily. It also gave them extensive automation and powerful reporting features.

Clients View

“Moving from off-line cold calling to on-line marketing has drastically increased the company’s serviceable market and created massive growth in lead generation. We used Aquarium’s eCatcher to create our 60 second test and it was a breakthrough. Now customers contact us instead of us having to contact them. We save staff time and lower our costs. Brunel Franklin increased the number of leads and resulting claims we processed every month from several hundred to tens of thousands. In two years revenues grew by 1600% each year while staff numbers have risen by just 250%.

We grew from zero to being the top claims company in our sector – in just two years. We couldn’t have done it without Aquarium.”

Sally Bowyer - Managing Director, Brunel Franklin

Aquarium View

“We originally developed the product for Brunel Franklin. We had to work to tight deadlines because Brunel Franklin had ambitious growth plans. We are naturally delighted with Brunel Franklin’s achievements using Aquarium and because we developed this product specifically for the claims sector, we know it can provide a very rapid return on investment.

Our aim is to deliver the next generation claims management software to the claims handling sector; a solution that decreases the total cost and the cycle time of processing claims and provides higher customer retention and this goal has already been achieved with some clients.

The most spectacular benefits were noticed by Brunel Franklin whose revenues grew by 1600% annually while staff numbers have only risen by 250% in the first two years after implementation of two Aquarium products - AquariumClaims and eCatcher. Brunel Franklin revolutionised its marketing strategy.

Rather than ramping up their telemarketing team, lead generation now happens online using eCatcher. Customers applying via the Brunel Franklin website gain instant feedback on the likely outcome and value of their claim before signing up. Aquarium software enabled Brunel Franklin to become a top 10 fast growth company in a very short space of time.”

Mark Colonnese – Sales & Marketing Director, Aquarium Software

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