Ed Shropshire Managing Director

Customer Engagement

Any customer facing business where an ongoing dialogue is required, we will facilitate the achievement of your business objectives.

We understand that engaging and retaining your customers on a long-term basis is a fundamental business requirement. A smart strategy and a commitment to the task is a given, but that’s not enough.

To truly optimise the effectiveness of your engagement processes, you need regular and accurate customer feedback; vital information and insights that will guide the ongoing development and improvement of your products and services.

At Aquarium we think in terms of giving your customer a voice.

Case Studies


Niche Insurance

The pet, gadget and health insurance sectors are core to the personal processes we design. Through experience we understand the importance of delivering specific solutions for each individual client. The customer centric process allows you and your teams to effectively manage your customers along their journey.

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General Insurance

Whether you are handling general household or high value motor insurance, our platform will manage the customers' journey from quote and buy to loss adjustment.

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Consumer Finance

Within this sector we deliver commercial companies with white label claims handling and personal finance solutions.

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