Multi award-winning First4lawyers depends on bespoke technology that grows and evolves with the business…quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

That’s why they chose Aquarium, from day one, and now rely on the technology platform to respond immediately to the demands of their ambitious marketing initiatives.

The Challenge

Founded in Huddersfield in 2008, claims Management Company First4lawyers has rapidly established itself as the leading independent ‘marketing collective’ company, specialising in personal injury and clinical negligence law.

The firm has won Claims Management Company of the year three times since 2011. Now with over 50 solicitors on its books, First4lawyers is growing all the time.

The prospect of seeking legal advice can be daunting, so First4lawyers offers an alternative approach, helping people regardless of their background and financial circumstances access the legal services they need in a way and at a cost that meets their individual needs.

The company recognised the importance of technology in driving the business forward and in 2009; the Yorkshire based company commissioned Aquarium Software to produce a bespoke package, capable of evolving and growing with the business.

When First4lawyers announced it was launching new products and services to market in 2015, Aquarium was called in again to rapidly scale up the system in a short space of time. With a new and substantial marketing campaign imminent, to spearhead this new launch, the system had to be ready to process an unprecedented level of enquiries.

The Solution

Having already designed the core lead management and lead arrangement system, adding new processes was completed by Aquarium on time and on budget.

As new areas of law had different parameters, these needed to be included in the upgrade so that no matter what the enquiry or what area of law, the system had the functionality to deliver.

The system allows First4lawyers to match the specific needs of a prospective client with the expertise of their panel of specialist solicitors, meaning lawyer and client are matched on the basis of individual need.

As the leads come in, and an enquiry is completed, the Aquarium system allows them to be managed, validated, qualified and passed onto the panel of lawyers.

The process of the rota system ensures each member of the panel receives the correct claims so all the panel members enjoy the same high level of service and opportunities to work with new cases and clients.

First4lawyers View

“When I joined First4lawyers this year, it was recognised that given our expansion plans for the business, we would need a more collaborative approach to our work with Aquarium going forward.

It is fair to say I walked into a challenge, with the scale of the development required, but we have made good progress. Up to this year our core business has been personal injury and clinical negligence claims, but on 1 May we moved into the wider legal services market.

This means we can now help with any type of legal issue – from employment, motoring offence and family to business law and general civil litigation. While great news for our customers, the Aquarium system had to be able to cope with what we knew would be a surge of interest. We simply had to have the system we needed on time – and Aquarium did deliver.

Because of these changes, we had very different requirements. We capture the claim, validate and then pass on but the data you capture is very different for these new areas so development of the system was needed and quickly, to be capable of handling large volumes.

Any firm initiating a new advertising campaign, including the substantial use of TV, must be prepared for a big uptake in leads and it was essential we could handle the volumes of enquires we knew would flood in from our marketing campaigns.

The system must be able to handle large volume enquiries. It is fair to say the whole journey of enquiry from call coming in, through to going out to our panel via Aquarium is great.

We have two customers – the general public and our panel members so we have to be able to satisfy both. The Aquarium platform drives our customer journey from start to finish. It is an all-encompassing process and we understand that if we are to expand and grow the business we have to rely on technology to help us get there.

Aquarium has not let us down which is just as well, as I wouldn’t like to have to start this process all over again!”

Andy Kay - Director of Operations, First4Lawyers

Aquarium View

“We have improved the bespoke system we built for First4lawyers as we have gone along in response to their changing requirements.

Their unprecedented growth required a system that could be quickly scaled up to cope and that could be adapted to tight timescales to accommodate any new processes required.

They are a forward thinking company that has not been afraid to invest in technology and we are delighted to see that the approach and its business model has paid off so spectacularly.

It is an industry sector where we already have years of experience; nevertheless, we are used to delivering something a bit different for our clients and such projects offer Aquarium the opportunity to develop and re-invent solutions to meet ever changing client needs.

That fact is, if there is a process involved, Aquarium can replicate it and improve business efficiencies and drive compelling MI – all in software, and that’s a strong message for many sectors from finance to insurance and many more besides.”

Mark Harrop - Aquarium Software Limited

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