Mark Harrop Business Development Manager

Feb 19

Noughts and ones add up nicely, and prove Quay for Agecroft Rowing Club

Having already supported a team of budding young Salford rowers to compete in Boston, Lincolnshire, in September last year, Manchester-based Aquarium Software has stuck its oar in again, fully sponsoring one of Agecroft Rowing Club juniors’ boats. Founded in 1861, Agecroft Rowing Club is one of the oldest open membership rowing clubs in the world, with a purpose-built facility on Salford Quays. After the success of the Aquarium Software sponsored girls’ team in the Boston Rowing Marathon, the firm was keen to maintain the relationship with the local community club in 2018.

“Agecroft plays a significant role in the local community and we are delighted to cement our continued support of the club in 2018,” said Aquarium Software Managing Director, Ed Shropshire. “As an ex-rower myself, I know how dedicated the youngsters need to be to thrive in a competitive boat. I’ve seen them train and they deserve all the support they can get when featured on Sport Relief in March. Manchester and Salford are home to some global sporting brands, so it’s easy to overlook those making a great sporting contribution at grassroots level, like Agecroft, and we are proud to be helping redress the balance.”

Agecroft girls’ team joined Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell in one of the 96 boats entered in the Boston Rowing Marathon, with Cracknell himself saying it was one of the most challenging he had ever taken part in. Coming second in their class and completing 31 miles inside six hours was an achievement to be proud of, and Aquarium Software is confident the newly sponsored boat will prove similarly successful. “We said we were keen to develop the relationship back in September, and have been true to our word,” said Andrew Sherwin, Aquarium Software Operations Director. “Aquarium is an international company now, but we haven’t forgotten our roots and we will be looking forward to attending competitions and cheering on the Aquarium Software boat,” Andrew concluded.