Mark Harrop Business Development Manager

Mar 20

East Midlands is the pet softies’ capital of the UK

YouGov research commissioned by insurance technology specialist Aquarium Software, shows that when it comes to puppy love, the East Midlands comes out top of those who would spend most should their pet fall ill. More than a fifth (21 percent) would be prepared to spend more than £3,000 on a one-off treatment to save their pet’s life, if not covered by insurance. The region where people have the ‘deepest pockets and the shortest arms’ is revealed as the North West, where just nine percent would be prepared to spend more than £3,000 against a 15 percent national average; however, London is shamed as the area where the most people (16 percent) would not be prepared to spend any amount of money to save the life of their pet.

“These surveys always throw up a surprise or two, and this time it’s the East Midlands coming top of the pile for spending money when their pets are sick, that stands out,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese. “The overall wealth of a region can be a factor in such responses, however the East Midlands cannot compete on average with say, London, the South East and the Home Counties when it comes to spending power, so the results are certainly interesting.”

This view is more understandable, given that 69 percent of British pet owners see pets as just as important to the family as the human members, and as 70 percent in the East Midlands agree, they score above the national average here too, with nearby West Midlands coming top, with nearly four fifths (78%) in agreement. The East Midlands is also a pet insurance hotspot, with more than two fifths (43%) having pet insurance and with only 31 percent never having insurance is now of the lowest in the country, beaten only by the East of England on 30 percent. All despite the fact that Gross Disposable Household Income (GDHI) growth per head is higher in the North West (2.9 percent) compared to the East Midlands (2.5) while London has the largest GDHI per head in Britain. “On all the main indicators in our survey, the East Midlands is consistently among the top pet regions,” added Colonnese. “For insurers, marketing can be adjusted when preaching to the converted, and it seems those from the East Midlands might be the most receptive converts of all,” concluded Mark.