Andrew Sherwin Operations Director

Our Values

We are an elite group of entrepreneurial technologists who in 2006 founded Aquarium and brought a shared vision to life. In our previous companies, we had each seen the flaws and restraints of every other type of software solution. And by working together, we created the cure: the first true web based application platform that’s infinitely adaptable. 

With a system that can easily and constantly adapt, we knew we could offer companies what they needed to grow and evolve. We created a way to make every change seamless and simple, allowing businesses to stay one step ahead. 

We wanted our solutions to be accessible and affordable to every company who, like us, believed in making things work better. Every process can be easily changed and maintained by non-technical people. That way you can focus on making sure your customers enjoy the journey. 

We’ve seen how every business needs to be able to instantly change, seize opportunities or risk falling behind. To do this, every aspect of your system must be agile. That’s what we do best.

By simplifying every process, the Aquarium platform can reduce delays and make sure everyone of your team is consistently at their best, at all times. 

Like how our ‘Management by Exception’ system keeps you informed of what’s not happened rather than bombarding you with what has. Our systems can cause a huge ‘halo effect’ throughout your business, and lead to happier staff, happier customers, improved efficiencies and increased profits. 

Our team are excited by clients and people who believe there’s always a better way of working. People who understand that customer loyalty needs to be earned, not expected. Nowadays, only the most innovative people succeed and continue to succeed. The companies who look ahead are the ones who look to us.